We Pay More Than Our Competitors

On average, customers who sell to us get 10% more than with other shops.

Don’t Ship Your Item

It’s ridiculous to ask you to put your high value items in a box and mail it. It’s dangerous and time consuming, and makes your money take longer to get to you.

Cash in Minutes

If you sell your watch on Ebay or Online you’ll wait weeks to see your money. Drive over to our store. You will have cash in your pocket the second you walk out.

The Best Prices

Get your valuables at fair market price. We know valuables, we know who buys them. You won’t get a better price at any other store.

We’re Experts

With decades of experience, we have probably seen a valuable like yours before. You won’t get a lower price than you deserve.

At Your Service

Selling to us is easy and smooth. We want your experience to be a pleasure, and have the expertise and customer service to make that come true.

What We Buy

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What our customers say

Text | Call | Email Us: 215-970-4683 | [email protected]

It was great doing business with these guys.It worked out great and I got paid very fast! I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a watch.

Daniel R.

I live in OKC and recently wanted to sell my Hublot. I decided to trade and was treated very fairly and honestly. Look forward to working with them again

Dr. Muller

I brought my father’s vintage rolex and was very surprised at what it was worth. They paid me cash on the spot and then me and the wife went to cancun! Thanks for the vacation guys!

Hugh G.